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Angel's Elektro Games Vol II: Usted & Puppe'n Mucke
@Barbiche, Berlin
Mini Puppe'n Mucke set @Kunstraum Barbiche in Berlin-Schöneberg!
Featuring USTED!!!

Angel's Elektro Games Vol II :
Usted & Puppe'n Mucke

Puppe'n Mucke

USTED croons and plays his canarian timple on top of a hectic landscape of fat beats and crispy synths.
An extravagant live solo act that has been considered “the only tribute band to himself in existance”, particularly those times he shows up escorted by his multifunctional-cotton-stuffed alter ego.

Kunstraum | Bar | Coworking Space
Potsdamers. 151, 10783 Berlin

Barbiche ist: Das kleinste Cabaret der Stadt, ein nostalgisch- moderner interdisziplinärer Kunstraum mit tollen Drinks.

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Puppe'n Mucke is a Berlin-based music and art collective, founded in 2013 by musician Raving Mad Carlos and visual artist SHOXXX.
They play trashy electro rock wearing huge original puppet costumes designed and hand-sewn by SHOXXX.
They mix electro beats and sounds with diverse instruments such as melodica, bongo, keyboards, bass and guitar, featuring guest singers and artists. The result is a very funny-to-watch-performance of crazy characters playing original enjoyable music.

The current core members of Puppe'n Mucke are: Raving Mad Carlos (Vocal, Keyboard), Luca aka FlussPluss (Guitar), Benten (Vocal) and SHOXXX (Melodica, Vocal)

Artists who collaborate / have collaborated with us:
- Benten (Vocal, Percussion)
- Luca aka Flusspluss (Guitar, Bass, Synth., etc.)
- Dylan Bakker (Bass, Keyboard, Drum-machine, etc.)
- Johannes Marx (Pitchtuner) (Dancing Robot)
- Coost (Czentrifuga)
- werNer (Czentrifuga)
- Max (Keyboard)
- Kuri (Synth., etc.)
- Imari (Percussion, OP1)
- Furu (Dance)
- Yukib (Melodica)
- Alice Murace
- Polina Ugarova
- igloo-x
- Eric aka Octobird
- Karoline Lochner
- Luna




Contact - Booking :
hello (at) puppenmucke (dot) de

Contact - Puppets :
info (at) shoxxxboxxx (dot) com